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We carry out the Value system of “innovation, preciseness, harmoniousness”.

With this value system , we call for such guideline of our employee:
Innovation: Carry out from all aspect as technology innovation, management innovation, market innovation, idea innovation, etc, keep livingness of company
Preciseness: Carry out with steady management, safety production, strict quality management, strict internal control., etc. With precise working style and attitude, keep stead growing of company.
Harmoniousness: Keep team spirit of Respect, Cooperation, participation. Keep harmoniousness among employees, share holders, social benefit. Set up solid basis for the long time development of company.

Guotai-Huarong persisted “the talented as well as the staff is the first resources” idea, and “the science and technology is the development of the enterprise source power, the innovation is enterprise's soul” the management idea, in the staff the positive initiative “the unity cooperation, grows together” the team idea; The initiative “the good faith, is highly effective, is satisfied” the service idea, carries out “the autonomy from, asks really to strive for realism” the staff personal integrity. Through a series of enterprise culture construction, establishes one to have the cohesive force and the team cooperation spirit, the study high quality staff troop.

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